We are a boutique event production company with access to incredible resources and ideas to create the best possible solution for any event. Events handled by Staged Right Productions range anywhere from high-profile political events to tradeshows, media and press events, corporate meetings, weddings, social gatherings, and more. Our mission is to deliver high-value, high-impact AV and Lighting experiences to event attendees and the people they influence. We will work with you to design a display that both gets your message out to the world and brings the world to your doorstep.

Political and Government

High-profile political events present challenges that most events never have to worry about – equipment inspection, personnel security clearance, time restraints, truck clearance, event security, and press and media coordination, just to name a few. Staged Right has been producing events for the White House and on Capitol Hill for years, and we are very familiar with government security protocol.


Similarly, corporate events are another specialty of Staged Right. Requiring the same high level of professionalism our political clients demand from us, corporate events are another mainstay of the Staged Right production calendar. Companies large and small employ our services for events ranging from meetings to conferences, to holiday parties and press conferences.


Meetings are not always as simple as they used to be. Sometimes a boardroom and conference table isn’t enough. We will take care of all your technical needs, as well. Whether you are presenting a basic Power Point to addressing the entire company, we will work with you from the very beginning to make sure we are arranging the meeting you’ve envisioned.

Media and Press Conferences

Television dominates both today’s media, as well as the news market. Any single flawed production element can make sure that your event never makes the airwaves. Staged Right’s event technicians are specially skilled at overcoming the challenges inherent to these events to ensure that you will be aired.

Film and Television

Staged Right employees have years of experience producing televised events and film. We know how to make it work, what needs to be done, and how to ensure that everything looks its best. This eliminates very costly mistakes, and working with highly trained professionals ensures that you do not waste time and money fixing the mistakes your production coordinator made.


Trade shows are a great way to get your business known. They help you connect with others in your field and expand your business network. Staged Right can help you do just that – by designing for you a booth guaranteed to engage, inform, and retain your audience. We will work with you to design a display that both gets your message out to the world and brings the world to your doorstep.

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